Aesthetic medicine is an effective face rejuvenation treatment. Modern aesthetic medicine has different procedures for the face area and is still developing. One of the main tasks of this field is to stop youth and postpone skin aging. The number of cosmetological procedures that are proposed for facial rejuvenation is very large. Prevention of early facial aging without plastic surgery is a priority at beauty salons that use the latest equipment and cosmetics to achieve this.

Aesthetic medicine is the best solution to get a rejuvenated face

Facial cosmetology is a serious aesthetic area. To obtain the expected effectiveness of treatments, the cosmetologist learns anatomy, participates in training in the use of equipment for performing facial procedures and is able to combine them correctly. Many procedures strengthen each other’s actions, thanks to which the patient obtains the best result. Facial aesthetic medicine treatments include a combination of hardware methods with injection and classic manual techniques, so you can count on maximum and lasting effect. Cosmetologists combine such traditional procedures as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, botulinum therapy, RF lifting with innovative, highly effective anti-aging procedures. Modern non-surgical facial rejuvenation is laser treatments, platelet rich plasma and others.

Modern cosmetology: facial rejuvenation

Cosmetologists are looking for individual solutions during consultation and qualification for a given procedure, which allows you to remove facial skin problems and achieve maximum effectiveness in the smallest injury. Beauty salon clients should ask questions bothering them, specialists talk in detail about methods of rejuvenating the face and warn against contraindications and possible side effects. The cosmetologist should recommend only those procedures that are really necessary and effective.

Injection methods for facial skin rejuvenation

If someone wants to improve the appearance of their face and the skin needs help, they can not do without professional aesthetic medicine treatments. Hyaluronic acid, botulinum or nutrient injections help to solve many problems. Technologies used in beauty salons effectively cope with noticeable skin defects.

For age-related changes, injections help remove forehead wrinkles, around the eyes and lips, restore face contour, and eliminate sagging skin. Due to the content of biologically active substances, cosmetic injections on the face can also help young skin. Good results are noticeable when eliminating scars on the face, dark circles under the eyes, facial wrinkles. And of course, with the help of an injection treatment, you can significantly improve the appearance: injections eliminate the asymmetry of the lips, raise the corners of the lips, make the lips attractive.

Advantages and effectiveness of injection procedures

Stress, poor nutrition and exposure to aggressive environmental factors make the skin tired and unhealthy. Mesotherapeutic injection procedures eliminate signs of fatigue, remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. Cosmetic injections on the face with vitamins and minerals will provide skin nutrition, improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels. Lipolytic injections will allow you to get rid of the second chin, effectively eliminate this cosmetic defect, giving the oval a beautiful clear outline.

Anti-wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid have gained popularity due to their high effectiveness and safety. Biorevitalization with preparations based on hyaluronic acid will not only remove wrinkles, but also fill skin cells that need moisture and stimulate natural regeneration processes.

Botulinum therapy is another popular injection for wrinkle removal. The principle of botulinum protein A injections is based on muscle relaxation. Such injections smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes, eliminate wrinkles on the neck, and also treat excessive sweating. At the same time, modern preparations based on botulinum toxin will help maintain a natural facial expression and, if used correctly, do not cause side effects. Cosmetic injections are often compared to plastic surgery. It should be noted, however, that aesthetic medicine using injection procedures is less traumatic, does not take much time, provides a quick result that is noticeable immediately after the procedure and lasts for a long time.

Facial mesotherapy

Aesthetic medicine offers mesotherapy, which is a procedure for introducing useful substances under the skin, as a result of which blood circulation and metabolic processes are improved, cell renewal occurs and collagen and elastin production are activated. This aesthetic medicine treatment also gives an additional acupuncture-like effect because it affects the skin’s reflexological system. Facial mesotherapy will help make your face younger, fresher, give it even color, smoothness and velvety. But all this is possible only if the procedure is carried out by an experienced cosmetologist.